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Blogging Secrets for Financial Professionals

Although I will openly admit that this was the very first morning that I woke up having absolutely no idea what we were going to talk about on our live hangout event, it ended up turning out to be one of the best ones.  On this awesome Episode 22 of Hangout Madness we talk about the Top Blogging Secrets for Financial Professionals.  Everything from niches, calls to action, headlines, and themes is covered by Joe, Luke, and their two special surprise guests.

What are the best Blogging Secrets for Financial Professionals?

To begin, one of the main issues that we continue to see is that everyone in our industry keeps talking about the importance of blogging, yet no one seems to be talking about how to do correctly.   Wouldn’t it be nice if someone actually put together some blogging secrets for financial professionals (along with blogging best practices!

Well the great news is that we did just that in this live Google Hangout.

The coolest part was that not only did Luke and I come up with some awesome content for this hangout, but we had some help from two special guests that we happened to be doing a Saturday Digital Mastermind group with.  That’s right, in this episode myself (Joe Simonds like Diamonds), Luke, and special guests Josh Davis and Jason Wenk throw down our very best blogging secrets for financial professionals including:

  • Always have a powerful and well thought out headline (that your ideal clients are searching for)
  • Always have a long term theme and framework for your blog
  • Use the PAS system (Problem, Agitate, Solve)
  • If you don’t use a Call to Action, then don’t expect anyone to do anything on your blog
  • Speak to specific niches.  Recall that “Riches are in Niches
  • Always be authentic in your blog

In fact, the above bullet points can even act as a “Blogging Checklist” for financial advisors like you as continue to get better blogging each week.  Before you ever hit “Publish” on your blog, make sure that you have maximized all 6 of these bullet points above for ultimate blogging effectiveness.

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