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Best Email Autoresponders for Financial Advisors

Your Personal Email Assistant…

It’s one thing to generate leads from your website, but it’s an entirely different sequence of events to be able to nurture, build a relationship, and eventually get an Internet lead to raise their hand and ask for an appointment. But the great news is that with one of these top email autoresponders for financial advisors below, your entire email follow up sequence can be done without you ever having to lift a finger.

In fact, the very best email autoresponders for financial advisors will almost act like your own personal assistant…constantly following up with and nurturing every single lead, prospect, and client in your database.

The Best Email Autoresponders For Financial Advisors

My brother Luke and I have tested out and used a handful of email autoresponders over the past couple of years. Here are the top four in our opinion, based on the following criteria:

  • Ease of use
  • Cost
  • Free (and helpful) Support
  • Uptime (meaning no issued logging in or having their site or software down for maintenance)
  • Overall Internet Marketing capabilities
  • Ability to easily track everything

1. Aweber “The Overall best pick“- Click here to see Aweber’s main page where you can see prices, features, and latest discounts

The Advisor Internet Marketing Independent Review: Aweber actually claims to be the “Original” autoresponder email service in the country. I can’t confirm or deny that, but regardless, they have been around a long time, they provide incredible value for the price, they have good customer service, and in my opinion, this is the overall best email autoresponder for financial advisors (at least the majority of financial advisors).

For a financial advisor that just wants something easy to use, with not much work setting up tons of different email sequences, but also having the ability to double as your CRM, then this is your best bet out there. Acting as a dual CRM/auto-responder saves you money, and Aweber has great tracking as well (in terms of seeing who opened and clicked on what email, links, etc). They also have over 600 mobile-friendly email templates.

And they are even advertising a $1 per month subscription right now. However, I think that it is for a limited amount of emails (under 500) and not many of their main features. But even after 500 total emails, it is pretty inexpensive. Check out their product spec page here.

2. iContactSo easy a Caveman can do it” – Click here to see Constant Contact’s main page where you can see prices, features, and latest discounts

The Advisor Internet Marketing Independent Review: iContact is probably one of the easiest autoresponders to use. It can be used for email marketing, running promotions, adding Facebook fans, or even to do client/prospect surveys. They have a ton of different already made email templates where all you have to do is plug in your logo, text, links, or anything else that you want in there.

iContact has great customer service and they are one of the most prevalent email marketing providers out there. Their prices are very fair and they have different packages to suit any size email list. The only thing that I do not like about them is that they don’t have fancy “automation rules” to opt-out subscribers when they opt-in to another list.. And iContact won’t act as your CRM, so you will have to do this separately.

3. InfusionsoftThe Most Robust out of the bunch. For serious Internet Marketers” – Click here to see Infusionsoft’s main page where you can see prices, features, and latest discounts

The Advisor Internet Marketing Independent Review: Infusionsoft is actually a powerful email autoresponder + full CRM + anything else you can possibly imagine you need in regards to Internet Marketing. It is the most robust system we have used (although we did use Salesforce for some time, and we believe that although Salesforce is just as robust as Infusionsoft, there are very few financial advisors who need (or can manage) Salesforce.

However, we found Infusionsoft to be much more user friendly, a system that even a 1-3 person office could use very effectively, and it can handle just about anything. In fact, we are personally using Infusionsoft here at Advisor Internet Marketing for all of our own email marketing and Internet marketing purposes.

It is going to be much more expensive than Aweber, however, it can serve as a robust CRM as well. Not to mention the cool apps that are constantly being integrated into Infusionsoft are awesome! And there is a reason that Goldman Sachs themselves invested heavily ($50 million) into Infusionsoft recently.

4. MailChimpSimple and Effective” –  Click here to see Mailchimp’s main page where you can see prices, features, and latest discounts

The Advisor Internet Marketing Independent Review: Mailchimp, along with Constant Contact, are probably the easiest autoresponders for financial advisors to use. It integrates with pretty much everything (as do Aweber and Ifusionsoft), and they even let you start out for free to see if you like it.

Mailchimp is your standard autoresponder with not many bells and whistles. You definitely shouldn’t use this as your CRM like you could with Ifusionsoft, and perhaps Aweber. We did find that Mailchimp didn’t have as much support in terms of being able to get in touch with someone live. But that could be because it is so easy to use.


If you are currently doing (or planning to do) any marketing online, then you MUST have an email autoresponder in place. The best email autoresponders for financial advisors really can act just like a full time assistant that is always out there nurturing and dripping on your list. And don’t think for a second that it ever makes sense to send out emails manually!

The big thing to think about before you spend a lot of time and/or money with any of them is to decide if you need a CRM as well (HINT – YOU DO!). The cheaper autoresponders work great for email marketing, but not so good as a robust CRM database tool.

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P.P.S. – We would love to hear any feedback, reviews, etc that you have personally had with any of these email autoresponders, or any others that we left off. Please comment below.

best email autoresponders for financial advisors

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Fernando Godinez

Fernando Godinez is the CEO of Advisor Internet Marketing. He’s been the architect behind some of the top financial advisors online presence in the country and help them triple their practice through online lead generation. Over the past few years he has been responsible for generating over 500k leads through online marketing and lead generation campaigns for independent financial advisors.

  • Marty Morua
    9:50 PM, 15 July 2014

    ……tap, tap, tap, tap……..So when does the video start? When does Joe pop on with his “HELLO America, this is Joe Simonds… like Diamonds here with my brother Luke…..”

    Oh well….. still think your “Autoresponders for Financial Advisors” Blog was spot on Joe!

    Good work!



    • Joe Simonds
      8:47 AM, 16 July 2014

      Thanks Marty! I am actually down in Florida as I type this working on some new videos. Should be epic! Stay tuned and thanks for the awesome comment!

  • Maria Marsala
    5:42 PM, 16 July 2014

    I would add to your list of great attributes, the ability to segment clients. Either done manually by having a few lists or with the system doing it, like kickstart or infusion soft does.

    And.. the ability to add current elists to their service without having people who previously gave me permission to email them, a confirmation again letter.
    I have to say that I had Aweber and didn’t like it (had customer service problems). Asked for my money back and received it back. The system does not allow you to upload previous lists.

    After the original listserves of the 1970’s to mid-1990’s, companies like yahoo, topica, onegroup, egroups and the rest allowed broadcasts to people who joined your list. Broadcasts were emails we sent out to lists when we wrote them. Then auto responders popped up with their ability to send out automatic emails, on a schedule, to people who joined your list.

    The first auto responder I remember, was Get Response, which is still around, then Promotion 1. Eventually it was licensed and sold under many names. Kickstart was one of the names. All way before I every heard of Aweber. (Note: I set up my first first auto responder in 1999, wrote an ebook on ESPs (e-zine service providers that I keep updated) so I keep up with things). But I’ll ask Willie Crawford what he remembers as the first auto responder. He’s been around a few years longer than I have.

    Oh… Other things to consider:
    a) hiring a virtual assistant to take care of your newsletters.
    b) sending them out on a consistent basis (at least monthly)
    c) buying a program you own vs. paying monthly
    d) hiring a graphic designer to create the look for you.
    e) segmenting your client base* based on your niche, and/or who your subscribers are.

    The best example of this comes from one of my non FA clients. She has an FA who sends out a email monthly. However, it’s all full of “family information” and things to do. She however, doesn’t have a family or husband, so she just deletes it.

    • Joe Simonds
      6:06 PM, 16 July 2014

      Great feedback Maria! And a huge thanks for sharing.

      What we have found is that ALL of these email auto-responder (and CRM) companies have become VERY strict when it comes to uploading your previous email lists. Even Constant Contact makes you upload your list in small chunks, and then actually send an email to samples so they can determine if the list is legit or not by looking at the percentage of bounce-backs and bad emails (at least they did when I used them last).

      When we created our account with MailChimp, it felt like we were getting interrogated by a nurse asking us a million questions before we had surgery…

      They wanted to know every single thing about the list, exactly where they opted-in, when, etc. They basically needed documentation on everything.

      I presume that a few “bad apple spammers” have ruined it for those of who actually have real email lists of people that have opted in the right way. And I can’t blame the email companies as a their reputation, servers, IP addresses, etc all depend on above board email marketing and legit lists.

  • Goddries
    10:48 AM, 22 May 2015

    Hello Joe! Why you decided to skip GetResponse in your text? In my opinion it’s much better than Aweber and I have no idea why you don’t wanna write anything about this autoresponder

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