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Top 10 MUST READ Books for Financial Advisors

How often do you read a non-fiction book (or any book at all) as a financial advisor? What I have come to sadly realize is that most financial advisors are not reading enough, or in many cases, not at all. But I can’t think of a better way to sharpen your skills and become a better salesperson, a better presenter, a better marketer, and a smarter person than to consistently read new books.

And that is why I came up with the Top 10 MUST READ books for financial advisors.

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“Get Rich Click” for Financial Advisors

In today’s live Google “Hangout Madness”, the Simonds brothers cover one of their favorite internet marketing books, “Get Rich Click” by Marc Ostrofsky.  The reason that we like this book so much is that it is actually the first internet marketing book that I ever read, and it is the one that I recommend all of my friends and financial advisors read first.  “Get Rich Click” was the first time that I heard the comparison of websites (aka domain names) compared to real estate.  And the more I thought about it, it made complete sense.  Domain names and the new virtual real estate.

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