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The 3 Most Powerful Secrets to Converting Prospects Online

The Digital Marketing GrailA powerful e-report highlighting 3 powerful secrets to converting prospects online that every independent financial advisor must know… considered the Digital Marketing Grail by Financial Advisors interested in getting new leads from the internet.

I’ll show you how to build the rock solid foundation that will be the basis and bedrock for getting your ideal clients to contact you and buy into you before you actually meet them.  You’ll learn how to make your content, your story, and your message more engaging and suspenseful than your favorite guilty pleasure novel . . . even if you stink at selling and even if you can’t write copy to save your life.

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The Ultimate Digital Marketing Recipe – [CURRENTLY SOLD OUT]

The Ultimate Digital Marketing Recipe was an all-inclusive package containing all of our digital marketing secrets. We made it available to those who were quick to embrace our training systems. During the month of July, we’ll be fine-tuning a set of new products that will help you significantly grow your net profits by utilizing the efficiencies of today’s technology. 

Step-by-step instructions along with the precise digital ingredients that any financial professional can follow to excel and accomplish the following 2 goals:

  • 1) How to create Traffic to your content and website
  • 2) Learn the tricks to make your website a lead generating machine

What is The Ultimate Digital Marketing Recipe and who is it for?

The Digital Marketing Recipe is the precise step-by-step instructions in conjunction with all of the proper digital ingredients for the ultimate organic traffic and lead generating website machine. Joe and Luke Simonds reveal every single strategy in easy to follow video tutorials that they use to create hundreds upon hundreds of free (organic) leads per month. You will learn everything from how they legally steal traffic from other sites, how to be found on Google quicker than your competitors, how to create traffic fast, how to build landing pages in minutes, how to do SEO like a pro, how to do powerful email marketing, and much much more.

There are over 7 hours of video all broken down into small segments so you can watch, take notes, rewind, and then implement all at your own pace. And once you are paid member, you have full access to the videos for the life of the product. Not to mention, Joe and Luke are adding new videos each month the to Recipe as members ask for further clarification or new, proven ideas come into play.

Here are the 6 Modules that consist of The Ultimate Digital Marketing Recipe. Each module has anywhere from 11 to 30 videos each.

  • Module 1 – The Ingredients broken down into “How to Maximize and Tie In Each piece of the recipe”.
    This will teach any “digital dunce” exactly what internet tools and social media platforms that you need, and just as important, which ones you don’t need
  • Module 2 – All of the different ways to create and legally steal traffic to get to your site or landing pages
    Over 11 different ways to immediately start creating traffic to your content and site.  Some of these work in as little as a couple of days
  • Module 3 – Every blogging secret you need to know to have a profitable and powerful blog
    Want to finally understand how some blog sites get the majority of the free “organic” traffic?  All of our classified blogging secrets to maximum search exposure are in this module
  • Module 4 – Email Marketing Magic – proven email marketing step-by-step instructions to get your emails opened, clicked, and converted
    Find out exactly how to turn your emails into dollars.  We teach you how to get more opens, more clicks, more conversions, and more clients by using email tactically.
  • Module 5 – How to Master YouTube Video Marketing – In Joe’s Opinion, this module alone pays for the entire lifetime membership many times over
    Discover the secrets to video marketing including how to legally steal YouTube traffic, how to show up in the recommended videos for your competitors, how to create powerful videos without a camera, and learn the SEO tricks that the top Internet Pros are using to be found
  • Module 6 – List Building Secrets of the rich – Find out why the people with the largest lists have the largest bank accounts
    “He or she that has the biggest list, usually has the most money coming in”.  Find out how fast-track your list, how to grow a HUGE list as a financial advisor, and then how to monetize your list


Limited Time FREE Bonus Offers

For a limited time, if you purchase the Ultimate Digital Marketing Recipe you will also receive the following Free Bonus Offers:

Exclusive Financial Advisor Q&A Sessions:

  • How your actual domain name can affect your Google Ranking
  • The Next 30 Minutes Could Make You An Extra $100,000 This Year…

Joe’s 2 Big Digital Ideas that you can implement immediately into your practice (each idea is given in a 12-20 minute step-by-step video)

  • 1) “The life changing idea that saved me thousands per month”
  • 2) “A free and quick way to get loads of data and blog ideas”

2 In-depth website critiques of financial professionals just like you.

Each one is 25 minutes and Joe normally charges $1,000 for these as you will learn treasured information about optimal website content, how to create websites that convert quickly, direct response marketing tips, conversion tactics, and other website marketing tricks that highly paid website consultants would charge you thousands for.

  • Critique #1 – $1,000 Value
  • Critique #2 – $1,000 Value

Free Power-Packed Headline Swipe File. [PDF] – “33 Killer Headline Templates for Financial Professionals”

Special Bonus – Step-by-step video instructions on the 2 different ways to create Facebook Squeeze pages (right on your business Facebook page) in minutes

– Testimonials –

Here is what other financial professionals like you are saying about The Ultimate Digital Marketing Recipe:

“By the way, I’ve only seen a few videos. So far, I can honestly tell you that module 1 is worth more than your full price of
$2600. You guys did an awesome job gathering all the relevant information out there. Everything is well organize and very simple
to follow. A 6th grader can follow these instructions. Anyone can now become a Digital Marketing Maven or possibly a Maverick
with your easy to follow recipe. Great job! Keep up the awesome work!”

–Nel O. (California)

“I am on my 6th video and have already learned 5 new things that have ALREADY saved me hours of doing my own homework. I
wanted to thank you both as the first module has already taught me so many things.”

–Carl the IRA Protector (Chicago, IL)

“After watching your first round of videos and then several hours and tweaking bait, I actually got it to work!!! Both of you
guys did an AMAZING job of walking me thru it. A few small detours but you get a 98% out of 100%, and you have opened so
many doors and answered many ‘how the hell do you do that’s.’”

–Blair A. (Woodland Hills, CA) or-