The Proven Formula for a Perfect Headline

How To Create Killer Headlines

Being around the online marketing realm for more than 5 years now, I’ve seen my fair share of good and bad headlines. The Financial Advisors who blog spend a lot of time writing awesome content, but how many of you spend time creating powerful & engaging headlines? I’m willing to bet that you are not spending enough time on this.

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What Do Your Prospects See When They Google Your Name?

google your name

Are there skeletons coming out of the closet that you don’t want your clients, prospects, friends, and family to see?

It can be a very scary scenario when you have things out on the web that aren’t flattering to you or your image…and in some cases you don’t even know about it. An irritated old client, client’s children, and even competitors can post something negative about you (like a negative review, scam alert, etc) in just clicks of a button.

The good news is that if you have anything out on the web that is negative, there is a way to fix this.

But first let me ask you a question…

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The Authority Advisor (Book Review)

the authority advisor book review

Attention Financial Advisors:

Have you read The Authority Advisor yet?

Are you unsure what it is about and what you can learn from it?

If so, I believe the sub-title sums it up pretty well…

“If your prospects can’t find you online, then you don’t exist…”

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Top 10 MUST READ Books for Financial Advisors [Part 2]

top 10 must read books for financial advisors

After hearing so much positive feedback from the “Top 10 Must Read Books for Financial Advisors” blog that went semi-viral in our industry, I knew that I had to publish a second round for you.

So here you go, in no particular order, the “Top 10 Must Read Books for Financial Advisors, Part Deux…”

Finally, just like last time, I have provided you the direct link to buy it on Amazon as a live link in the title and in the picture of the book below each description.

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EXPOSED: The Fatal Flaw in Your Financial Practice

financial advisor marketing strategies exposed

You are either going to love me or hate me after reading the hard hitting truth in this blog…

But before I show you the fatal flaw that is holding you back from breakthrough success, let me first show you something that your competition is completely ignoring.

Laser Targeted Prospects Right Under Your Nose…

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Finally! A CRM for Financial Advisors That is Super Easy, Powerful, and Affordable

For those of you that don’t know about Wealthbox, it’s a new web-based CRM system for advisors that launched this earlier year. It’s known for its hyper simplicity and “social design.” It kind of reminds me of being on Facebook. Super easy to find things, super easy to add things, to find people, etc.

There’s no training required with Wealthbox CRM, you just sign up and go. With its modern Facebook-style “activity stream” you can also internally collaborate with your assistant or partners, and everyone can see what new CRM updates are happening. Wealthbox even integrates externally your social network accounts in private activity streams to monitor the life events of your prospects and clients online.

My good friend Jason Wenk, head of Retirement Wealth Advisors, is a Wealthbox CRM user and has said, “Wealthbox reminds me of when I got my first iPhone. It’s an incredibly simple yet powerful platform for my firm.”

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