10 Ways To Keep Visitors On Your Website Longer

best ways to keep visitors on your website longer

We all want to keep visitors on our website longer, right?

Besides the obvious reason of keeping visitors on your site resulting in them being more sold on you and your business, did you know that the average time on your website plays a BIG role in how you show up in the search engines?

That’s right, Google loves websites that keep people engaged, and they can heavily favor and reward you in terms of how your site shows up in the search engine if you keep people on it longer than your competition.

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Are You Living In A Financial Advisor Groundhog’s Day…


Let me ask you a personal question.

As a financial advisor, are you excited and enthusiastic every morning when you wake up and head into the office?

And I don’t just mean putting on a smile and showing up on time. I am talking about you oozing with passion, energy, and enthusiasm like you probably did when you were young and hungry in your first few months in the industry.

If you are filled with passion, energy, and excitement, do you remain in that state of mind all day? (wait until you see my personal transformation of going from bored and no energy, to full of passion and excitement in the video below)

Or do you sometimes feel like you are in a rut, doing the same things over and over again with no passion, kind of like someone in a financial advisor Groundhog’s Day movie would…

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Financial Advisor Step-by-Step Guide to Internet Marketing

Financial Advisor Step-by-Step Guide to Internet Marketing

My brother Luke and I get this question all of the time…”If you had to start all over again with building a fresh website…knowing what you know now…what steps would you take?”

Well the great news is that we did start this very site (Advisor Internet Marketing) this past January (2014) using all of the tactics that we learned from the past with sites like AnnuityThinkTank.com, Annuity123.com, and RetirementThinkTank.com.

And it all came down to 8 simple steps…

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Social Media Marketing Compliance Tips for Financial Advisors

social media marketing compliance tips for financial advisors

As financial professionals, we all know that we need to have an online presence to thrive and exist in today’s world. However, due to all of the ever-changing compliance rules that we are blessed with, we must be incredibly smart about what we post on our websites, our videos, social media sites, etc.

Last week I came across a registered advisor in Utah who was recently busted (and fined $75,000) for some of his radio, digital, and social media content. Although I do not know this advisor, and I am not sure exactly what was in his content as I can only imagine it has all been taken down, we can still learn something from him.

Here are the main reasons that he was fined and suspended according to the article:

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5 Ways Financial Advisors Can Get More Referrals

best ways financial advisors can get more referrals

A popular response to this is: “Why aren’t I getting referrals?”

The short answer is that you are most likely using networking strategies or salesman techniques that just don’t work. This is completely understandable. Its what we observe over and over again.

For example, you go to a meeting with a networking opportunity. What do you do? Typically you give your 30-second “commercial” and you exchange business cards, right? I mean that is what we are taught to do.

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Best Email Autoresponders for Financial Advisors

best autoresponders for financial advisors

It’s one thing to generate leads from your website, but it’s an entirely different sequence of events to be able to nurture, build a relationship, and eventually get an Internet lead to raise their hand and ask for an appointment. But the great news is that with one of these top email autoresponders for financial advisors below, your entire email follow up sequence can be done without you ever having to lift a finger.

In fact, the very best email autoresponders for financial advisors will almost act like your own personal assistant…constantly following up with and nurturing every single lead, prospect, and client in your database.

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13 Reasons To NEVER Buy An Email List

buying email lists for financial advisors

Does it ever make sense to be buying email lists for Financial Advisors?

I get it, you need more qualified prospects to add into your email list. You would like to have more prospects raising their hand after receiving your email every week, however, the price of an email list comes with some big risks if you decide to take this email marketing shortcut…

Let me explain.

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A Proven Referral Marketing System for Financial Advisors

referral marketing for financial advisors

Is Your Financial Practice Leaking Profits?

Drrrrrip…Drrrrrip…Drrrrrip… Drip, drip, drip!

My friend first noticed his leak one day during a heavy rain storm.

He called the roofer and found some damage. But after replacing the damage, the leak returned.

Whether you want to admit it or not, your practice has some leaks as well…

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